Glen Parsons, Community Concierge, Welcomes You to Albert Lea !

WELCOME to Albert Lea NEW RESIDENTS! My name is Glen Parsons and my new job is Concierge for Albert Lea. I’m the guy you’ll want to contact about how you get connected in your new town.

Experience Albert Lea

At home on the stage in the play, The Match Maker.

We’re so happy to have you here and I’d like to help you make it a great place for you and your family. I’m kind of like the Welcome Wagon of the past. My job is to try to find organizations, churches, clubs and interest areas that you have and connect you to others who have the same interests.

I came to Albert Lea as a new elementary teacher right out of college. I never thought my wife and I would stay here, but we had teacher friends, we found a church and we discovered the Albert Lea Community Theater. Between the three we met so many wonderful and interesting people that we never wanted to leave. Albert Lea is a beautiful little city with Fountain Lake in the center that is such a huge draw for all who enjoy swimming, boating, walking, biking, blading, fishing, running and just staring at!!

This is me playing a part in the play, Annie.

This is me playing a part in the play, Annie.

If you have lived in our community for a while, but are still struggling to connect to our community, I am here to help you as well. If you feel like you are missing out on things here in Albert Lea and would like some help in getting connected, call me at 507-383-9244 or email me at and let me help you. I’ll be delighted to help in any way I can!!

About Glen Parsons

Glen Parsons is Experience Albert Lea's Community Concierge. If you need help getting connected in Albert Lea, he's the guy to contact. Glen is a retired elementary teacher who spent his career in Albert Lea. He contributes to the Experience Albert Lea blog and is active in the Albert Lea Community Theater.

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