Albert Lea Area Education

Learn and grow. Quality education, instilled by dedicated educators.


Albert Lea is an ideal place in which to raise children—offering the benefits of a close-knit community alongside the opportunities of a sizable and vibrant school district, Community Education and Riverland Community College.

The Albert Lea School District aims to equip learners of all ages to think, to achieve, and to care. Albert Lea Area School members can find big school opportunities in a small town environment. They offer rigorous academics and extensive activities amidst a supportive, invested and scenic community.

Community Education provides opportunities for all community members to Gather. Discover. Grow. Learning is a life-long process and takes many forms and styles. Community Education partners with many community agencies making the Albert Lea area a great place to live.

Riverland Community College is a regional comprehensive community college inspiring learning for living through a personalized education environment and a leader in liberal arts and career-technical higher education.

Photo Courtesy of: Murtaugraphy Photography

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