Why would someone choose to move from Duluth to live in Albert Lea?

When Julie Short and her husband moved to Albert Lea after living in Duluth for 40 years people wondered why? Why would someone choose Albert Lea over living near the North Shore?

“Albert Lea has wonderful people. We were fortunate to move into a beautiful neighborhood with many friendly and helpful people. They showed us around and introduced us to their friends. They shared freely of themselves and their knowledge of Albert Lea and the surrounding area. Nearly everyone we met invited us to their church. So we visited several churches, heard wonderful teachings and met more friendly people. We saw firsthand how well the churches work together for the benefit of the community through events such as Shinefest and organizations such as AZ One, Youth for Christ and others.”

Read more about Julie’s story of “Why Albert Lea” in the Albert Lea Tribune’s article here.

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