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If you are looking for a rewarding place to volunteer your time, one of my favorites is the Ecumenical Food Pantry at the Presbyterian Church. 
Ecumenical Food Pantry at the Presbyterian Church
Every Tuesday and Friday of the month volunteers arrive at 8:45 and work until noon helping people fill their cloth bags and boxes with a variety of foods. From fresh vegetables, to loaves of bread and buns, cereals, pastas, canned vegetables, soups, and toiletries to frozen meats, butter and cheese. Each family gets to choose what foods they want.
The jobs include sitting at a desk checking people in as they arrive while other workers stand to help them select the foods they’d like.

It takes each person coming for food about 15 minutes or so, so it doesn’t take a lot of their time. Patrons can only visit once a month. Also much of the food comes from Channel One out of Rochester.

As people come to use the food pantry, they walk toward the main doors of the church but then turn to the side door where there is a sign on the sidewalk pointing to the side door to use. Once inside they go down one flight of stairs and there we are!

This is a place that makes you feel so good as you welcome people and visit with them. They appreciate our service so much and are so polite and grateful. It just warms your heart to be of service!
Ecumenical Food Pantry at the Presbyterian Church
The workers are a wonderful group of caring and giving folks who are fun to hang out with!
If you are looking for a way to connect to a really special group, the Food Pantry is one I highly recommend!

Dorothy Simonsen is in charge of it and she can receive your call at 507-373-8351.

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