Why Albert Lea?

If you would have asked me 15 to 20 years ago if I would come home to Albert Lea, I would have rolled my eyes and laughed. I wanted adventure and I was positive Albert Lea was not the place I would find it. I have lived in five states within the last 20 years of my life. I have had great adventures and visited beautiful places.

Wind Down Wednesday

When I lived in Colorado I met my husband and after our wedding we decided to move to Albert Lea for a few years. We never intended to stay. We had every intention of continuing our nomad life and moving after a couple of years. Except, we didn’t move on.

We fell in love with Albert Lea’s multiple parks, lush green grass and lower cost of living. After the birth of our oldest daughter, we fell even more in love with our small town all over again. We enjoyed the closeness of family, we enjoyed beautiful parks within walking distance and we enjoyed a slower pace of life. The kind of town we not only enjoy planting geraniums, but we enjoy planting them with our neighbors.

Albert Lea Rocks

One of the things my family continues to enjoy in Albert Lea is the small town charm with big city experiences. We love the heart and soul Act on Broadway puts into each production. Many locals have enjoyed symphonies and operas at the Marion Ross Theatre. Technology is a wonderful thing and connects us to great performances.

The bottom line is we are able to allow life to slow down, we are able to still see starry skies at night (even in town), we enjoy fishing along Albert Lea’s lakes and we love the lower cost of living. The reality is many of the places I lived around the United States would have cost us as much as a farm with animals would in and around Albert Lea.

Experience Albert Lea

We love living here, our kids love living here and we cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Throughout the next few weeks I am going to begin sharing several articles the Albert Lea Tribune posted last year. Albert Lean’s shared their story of moving away and then coming back home, others will share why they moved here even though they did not have family or childhood memories here.

Experience Albert Lea Lakes

Come experience how Albert Lea is thriving and how our community is welcoming new residents and new businesses. Come, Experience Albert Lea!

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Robin is a fifth generation Albert Lean blogging at Russell's Adventures. Robin and her husband homeschool their four children. They enjoy fine food and beverages and the great outdoors. They are often found exploring Minnesota State Parks, attempting crazy science experiments, and enjoying the local Albert Lea small town life.

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